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Legal Notice


Software, documentation and website:
Copyright © 2006-2023 by Xtreme Prototypes, Inc. All rights reserved.

Our products are neither freeware nor shareware and are subject to the terms of use specified in the end-user license agreement ("EULA") included with each software product. The user must accept the EULA before downloading, installing and using the software products.

Our software and manuals are protected by international copyright laws. The unauthorized reproduction, distribution, repackaging, sale, purchase, loan, lease, Internet posting, uploading and/or downloading of our software and manuals by any mean is strictly prohibited.

All images used in this website and in the manuals are actual screenshots captured in Microsoft® Flight Simulator X, Flight Simulator 2004 or Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® simulation platforms, except where otherwise noted. Photographs are sometimes used for illustration and educational purposes and are the property of their respective owners, as credited. Portions of the manuals may be inspired or adapted from original real-world flight manuals, as credited.

Microsoft, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Windows, Windows Vista, Windows XP and DirectX are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Lockheed Martin and Prepar3D are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Lockheed Martin Corporation. Steam is either a registered trademark or a trademark of Valve Corporation. Adobe and Adobe Reader are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

Other company or product names mentioned herein may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

The ESRB ratings icon is a registered trademark of the Entertainment Software Association.

Our mass market addons and manuals are considered edutainment software and shall not be used for real-world pilot training.

Xtreme Prototypes virtual aircraft models are artistic interpretations inspired from real-world models and prototypes. They are in no way intended to represent real aircraft or to be used as training tools for real aircraft. There are significant differences between the models and the real aircraft.

Xtreme Prototypes is not affiliated with Bombardier Aerospace, Gates Corporation or any other company, entity or organization related to the development of the Gates Learjet 20 Series from 1960-1980.

Xtreme Prototypes is not affiliated with NASA, North American Aviation (Boeing), the U.S. Air Force, or any other company, entity or government organization related to the X-15 research program. The X-15 addons are neither sponsored nor endorsed by NASA.

Xtreme Prototypes is not affiliated with NASA, Bell Aircraft (today, Bell Helicopter Textron), the U.S. Air Force or any other company, entity or government organization related to the X-1 research program. The X-1 SG addons are neither sponsored nor endorsed by NASA.

Xtreme Prototypes is not affiliated with Avro Canada, the Royal Canadian Air Force, or any other company, entity or government organization related to the Arrow program.

Software features, prices, release dates, user manuals and website contents are subject to change without notice.

Xtreme Prototypes acknowledges the financial participation of Telefilm Canada, administrator of The Canada Media Fund funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage, in the development and marketing of some of its products.

Xtreme Prototypes benefits from the Government of Québec tax credit for the production of multimedia titles, administered by Investissement Québec.

About Piracy

Piracy is not a victimless crime!

Developing high quality professional addons for the latest simulation platforms is becoming more and more complex and requires the contribution of a dedicated and passionate team of artists, programmers, technicians, engineers and pilots. These products are not free to develop and take many months of research and hard work, and are aimed at a relatively limited market of serious flight simulation enthusiasts.

Xtreme Prototypes is a modest addon developer and we depend largely on your feedback and support to create better products. Contributions from our users, in the form of software license purchases, allow us to pursue our mission.

By purchasing your license, you are contributing to the making of unique high quality addons for advanced desktop pilots. In addition, your license gives you access to exclusive product information, patches and upgrades, and free personalized online technical support.

The end user is responsible for the protection and good use of the software product for which he/she obtained a user license. Xtreme Prototypes reserves its right to withdraw an end user his/her rights and privileges to use the software product if the license agreement is not respected, especially in the case of copyright infringement related to unauthorized reproduction and/or distribution over the Internet and/or by any other means.

My addon seems not to be a genuine product. What should I do?

If you have downloaded your addon from a file sharing website or if it was obtained on a recordable CD-ROM with a label or jacket that does not look professional, it is probably a pirated copy for which the developer did not receive any payment for his work. These illegal copies may also contain viruses, malware and spyware that can cause damages.

If you believe that your addon is a pirated copy, we recommend that you do not install it for security reasons, and ask that you delete/destroy it. You may then purchase a legal, original, and safe version from our website.

For obvious reasons, we cannot offer technical support without an original order number and an activation key. Also, we cannot be responsible for damages caused by the installation of a pirated copy on your computer.

Please note that only Xtreme Prototypes and its authorized resellers can sell our products online or in their stores. Our next generation addons, like our X-15A-2 Special Edition or our GLJ Model 25 Special Edition, are sold directly and exclusively by Xtreme Prototypes. If you have obtained your Xtreme Prototypes next generation addon from another source, it is probably a pirated copy that may contain malware.

Please inform us if you suspect a website or someone to sell or distribute our products illegally. These products and their activation keys are unique and traceable.

The unauthorized reproduction and/or distribution of protected material constitutes an infringement to the exclusive right of its holder. This behaviour could expose the offender to legal action and to a judgment to pay damages. Offenders will be prosecuted to the maximum extent permissible by law.

Piracy kills quality addons. Posting or downloading illegal copies of our addons over the Internet is a crime.