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Professional Services


Xtreme Prototypes is an independent software developer of micro aircraft simulators for education, edutainment and the industry.

Professional Services for the Industry

Xtreme Prototypes develops custom professional simulation applications for clients, including addons and assets for use in Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D®.

Prepar3D® is a professional VR-enabled visual simulation platform that allows users to create immersive, experiential learning applications and training scenarios across aviation, maritime and ground domains. Users can train anywhere in the virtual world, from underwater to sub orbital space. Almost any type of vehicle or complex machinery and systems can be modeled and simulated.

Our expertise covers all aspects of creating rich simulation applications:

  • General project management including research, design, technical specifications, budget, planning and execution
  • 3D modeling and animation (Autodesk® 3ds Max®)
  • 2D textures and liveries, gauge artwork (Adobe® Photoshop®)
  • Advanced systems design and programming
  • Custom gauges design and programming (2D and 3D)
  • Special interfaces and addons (programming and deployment)
  • Custom flight models programming and testing
  • Special visual and sound effects production and integration
  • Final integration and user tests, quality control
  • Technical manuals (online help format, PDF or print, in English or French)
  • User manuals (PDF or print, in English or French)
  • Online help systems, optimized for PCs and tablets (in English or French)
  • Final packaging including custom installers
  • Distribution and marketing (including product screenshots, web pages, online and physical distribution)
  • English-French translation/localization

Typical mandates:

  • Turnkey professional simulation application for sales promotion or training on the Prepar3D® simulation platform
  • Aircraft, vehicles, machinery, instrument panels and other 3D assets modeling and animation for simulation and CBT applications
  • Advanced systems and gauges design and programming for simulations, serious games and CBT
  • VR-ready full 3D virtual cockpit and panel design for interactive training and cockpit familiarization, for pilots and machine operators
  • Custom flight models programming and testing
  • Technical and user manuals (online help format, PDF or print, in English or French)
  • English-French translation/localization
  • Special projects

For more information about our professional services, please contact us:

Xtreme Prototypes, Inc.
P.O. Box 35033, Fleury
Montreal (QC), CANADA
H2C 3K4

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