XP X-1 SG v1.0
XP X-1 SG v1.0
XP X-1 SG v1.0
XP X-1 SG v1.0
XP X-1 SG v1.0
XP X-1 SG v1.0
XP X-1 SG v1.0
XP X-1 SG v1.0
XP X-1 SG v1.0
XP X-1 SG v1.0
XP X-1 SG v1.0
XP X-1 SG v1.0
XP X-1 SG v1.0
XP X-1 SG v1.0
XP X-1 SG v1.0
XP X-1 SG v1.0
XP X-1 SG v1.0
XP X-1 SG v1.0
XP X-1 SG v1.0
XP X-1 SG v1.0
XP X-1 SG v1.0

XP X-1 SG v1.0


The X-1 Second Generation v1.0 addon brings you another milestone of extreme flight, optimized for the latest versions of Microsoft® Flight Simulator X (compatible with Prepar3D®).

The addon contains six variations of the four Bell X-1 Second Generation rocket planes (X-1A/B/C/D), three fully functional virtual cockpits, a light version of a B-29 carrier, and a 80-page flight manual. A custom X-1 flight model was designed to simulate rocket-powered high speed and high altitude flight in the simulator. All rocket aircraft systems present in the real X-1 SG are simulated.

Please note that this addon is a legacy product offered for a limited time and for which we can no longer offer technical support.


A Classic Addon Available for Download for a Limited Time

Over the years, some of our products have become legacy due to the constant evolution of the simulation platforms or because they are being replaced by better, up-to-date products with much more features. By popular demand and for a limited time, we are now please to offer these products a very special price.

Please note that the XP X-1 SG v1.0 addon is now a legacy product for which we can no longer offer technical support. It is offered to collectors as is.

The Second Generation of the X-1 Rocket Plane

The Bell X-1 SG was an advanced version of the original X-1, the first aircraft in history to have broken the sound barrier. The second generation of X-1s, built in the late 1940s and early 1950s, were designed to double the speed of sound and set new altitude records in excess of 90,000 feet.

The new X-1s were similar to the original (orange) aircraft but were about five feet longer, 2500 pounds heavier and had a conventional glass canopy. The new airplanes also had a more advanced version of the XLR-11 four-chambered liquid-fuel turborocket engine.

The Xtreme Prototypes X-1 SG v1 addon contains six variations of the four Bell X-1 Second Generation rocket planes (X-1A/B/C/D). Each exterior model is fully detailed with over 500 parts and 40 animations. The three fully functional virtual cockpits contain over 800 parts and more than 200 animated full-3D gauges, switches, levers, light indicators and flight instruments. A custom X-1 flight model was designed to simulate rocket-powered high speed and high altitude flight in the simulator. All rocket aircraft systems present in the real X-1 SG are simulated.

This addon will allow you to fly at very high altitudes at more than twice the speed of sound, simulate virtually every procedure required during an X-1 research mission (including emergency procedures such as extinguishing an engine fire or jettisoning the canopy to bail out), and even test the never-built X-1C that was to be equipped with the Sperry A-12 Propilot system and a .50 caliber Browning machine gun in the nose to test high-speed armaments.

As a bonus, we have included a light version of a modified B-29 Superfortress carrier aircraft to simulate high altitude launches over the Mojave Desert in the specially-equipped X-1A and X-1D models. Taxiing and taking off from the ground is also possible, as attempted once with the original X-1 in January 1949 (the only time a rocket-powered research aircraft took off conventionally). An unlimited fuel mode and an automatic ignition sequence button are provided, as well as optional radio navigation instruments to allow for (fictitious) long-duration flights and travelling around the world at beyond Mach 2 in the simulator.

For the serious flight simulation enthusiast and X-1 fan, the Xtreme Prototypes X-1 Second Generation v1 addon is a chance to relive important moments of the history of flight and experience the performance of a series of aircraft whose new rocket systems, cockpit ergonomics and flight controls were quite a challenge for the test pilots who flew them more than seventy years ago.

Download the Manual

Download the full 80-page flight manual
(56 MB, PDF format)

Manuals are updated frequently, make sure you have the latest version.

What you Need to Know

  • You must accept the end-user license agreement before you can download, install and use this software.
  • Please read Minimum System Requirements, below.

This addon was originally designed for FSX and is not compatible with FS2004. Boxed FSX requires SP2 with Acceleration Expansion Pack (FSX Gold fully installed). No FSX Steam® installer is provided. Installation in FSX Steam® requires changing the path to your FSX Steam® folder during installation. This addon can be installed in Prepar3D® but has not been thoroughly tested on this platform. No Prepar3D® installer is provided. Installation in Prepar3D® requires changing the path to your Prepar3D® folder during setup.

IMPORTANT: Xtreme Prototypes next generation addons are designed to take advantage of the new and more powerful gaming computers that are available today. They require better graphics cards and more processing power and RAM than other more conventional addons. Increased performance will be noticed on more powerful systems. Before purchasing this product, make sure you have the minimum system requirements or better. For obvious reasons, downloads are not refundable.

  • Flight Simulation Platform: Microsoft® Flight Simulator X SP2 with Acceleration Expansion Pack (or FSX Gold fully installed). This product is not compatible with earlier versions of Microsoft® Flight Simulator. Compatible with all versions of Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® and FSX Steam® Edition (please read notes below).
  • Operating System: Windows® 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP SP2 32-bit (64-bit recommended), depending on your simulator's requirements*.
  • Computer Memory 16 GB or better recommended*
  • Processor: Dual Core 3.0 GHz (Quad Core 3.0 GHz or better recommended)
  • Hard Drive Space: Downloaded ZIP file size approx. 300 MB, addon size approx. 500 MB when installed*
  • Graphics Card: A high-end graphics card with at least 8 GB GDDR5 or better is highly recommended*. Installing this addon in Prepar3D® requires a DirectX® 11-compatible graphics card*. Make sure you have the latest driver for your operating system.
  • Graphics: DirectX® 12, 11, 10 or 9 (depending on your simulator's requirements)*
  • Other: Wheel mouse, joystick (pedals optional), sound card and speakers, Adobe® Acrobat® Reader. A wheel mouse is required to actuate 3-position switches and some knobs.

*: Refer to your simulator's documentation for more information.

Note for Prepar3D® users (all versions): We have not thoroughly tested this native FSX addon in Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D®. However, we have been able to fly our X-1 SG addon in Prepar3D®. Please note that there is no installer for Prepar3D® available for this addon. To install the addon in Prepar3D®, simply change the path to your Prepar3D® folder during installation. Select the "FSX with Acceleration Expansion Pack" option if asked.

Note for FSX Steam® users: Please note that FSX Steam® Edition is installed in a different way to the boxed version and occupies a different location on your computer. There is no FSX Steam® special installer provided with this native FSX addon. To install the addon in FSX Steam® Edition, simply change the path to your FSX Steam® folder during installation. Select the "FSX with Acceleration Expansion Pack" option if asked.

General Features

Contains six variations of the four Bell X-1 Second Generation rocket planes and one light variation of a modified B-29 Superfortress carrier aircraft for simulating high-altitude launch:

  • Three variations of the Bell X-1A (USAF serial number 48-1384): "Bell-USAF" orange, "Bell-USAF" aluminum, and "Bell-USAF-NACA" white
  • One variation of the Bell X-1B (USAF serial number 48-1385): "Bell-USAF-NACA" aluminum version
  • One variation of the (never built) Bell X-1C (USAF serial number 48-1386): "USAF" aluminum version with front machine gun
  • One variation of the Bell X-1D (USAF serial number 48-1386): "Bell-USAF" aluminum rollout version
  • One "light" variation of a modified Boeing B-29 "Superfortress" carrier aircraft (USAF serial number 52-1800, exterior model only, optional, visible only when the X-1 SG is airborne, on specially-equipped X-1A and X-1D models only)

Flight Model Features

Custom X-1 flight model to simulate rocket-powered high speed and high altitude flight on your simulation platform:

  • One Reaction Motors XLR-11-RM-5, 5900-pound four-chambered liquid-fuel turbo-rocket engine
  • High altitude flight above 90,000 feet
  • Supersonic flight up to Mach 2.5
  • Fictitious ground takeoff or high altitude launch (like the real aircraft)
  • Good maneuverability at supersonic speeds
  • Excellent gliding capabilities

X-1 Rocket Aircraft Systems

The following rocket aircraft systems are simulated to conform as closely as possible to the operation of the real aircraft, within the present limitations and capabilities of the available simulation platforms:

  • XLR-11 power plant system and control
  • Turbine-driven propellant pump and control
  • Fuel system
  • LOX system
  • Hydrogen peroxide system
  • Nitrogen system
  • Electrical system (with DC-AC conversion)
  • Fire detection/extinguisher system
  • Custom rocket aircraft instruments, controls and gauges, including dome loading pressure regulators and spill valves
  • Emergency jettison system
  • Pilot's oxygen system
  • Droplight system (countdown and launch from a B-29 carrier aircraft on selected models)
  • Cabin pressurization system

Aircraft Exterior 3D Model Features

  • Native FSX 3D models
  • Highly detailed (X-1 SG) exterior models based on archive material, with more than 500 parts and 40 animations
  • Light B-29 Superfortress carrier aircraft* with animated propellers and control surfaces (on specially-equipped X-1A and X-1D models only) - see description above
  • Reflective high resolution textures with bump maps
  • Emissive (night) textures
  • Unique (historical) markings and liveries on each aircraft
  • Movable aerodynamic control surfaces:
    • X-1 all-moving tail (elevator trim)
    • Elevator
    • Ailerons with trim tab
    • Flaps
    • Vertical stabilizer/rudder with trim tab
    • Retractable ventral fin (X-1C)
    • Yaw-damping surfaces on wings (X-1C)
  • Highly detailed steerable front gear
  • Highly detailed main landing gear
  • Movable glass canopy (with jettison animation)
  • Cockpit details including seat, pilot and animated sticks, levers and parts
  • Functioning nose-mount .50 cal. machine gun (X-1C)
  • Antennas, pitot tube and research probes
  • Rear propellant jettison tubes and engine turbopump exhaust pipe
  • XLR-11 rocket engine with four combustion chambers

*: Please note that due to limitations in the simulation platforms, the light B-29 carrier is simply an extention of the main X-1 SG model in this software version. The B-29 is not self-powered and cannot be controlled by the pilot. Actually, it is the X-1 that carries the B-29! Therefore, takeoffs with the X-1 SG mated to the B-29 are not possible due to landing gear issues and because the simulator does not allow for flying two mated and powered aircraft at the same time. The B-29 is simply an "eye candy" in this software version, to visualize and simulate high altitude launches.

Aircraft Interior 3D Model Features

  • Three highly detailed, VR-ready* 3D virtual cockpits (X-1A/D, X-1B and X-1C) with over 800 parts and 200 full 3D animated gauges, switches, levers, light indicators and flight instruments with "tooltips"
  • Advanced fully functional 3D instrument panels with custom X-1 rocket aircraft systems:
    • Main panel
    • Center pedestal (switch) panel
    • Right side panel
  • Highly detailed seat, side controls, levers, pedals, oxygen regulator, hoses and pipes, and other cockpit items (most animated and functional)
  • Modified ARC-5 VHF radio for use in the simulator (COM1, COM2, ADF, VOR)
  • Navigation instruments (fictitious, optional)
  • Cockpit lighting (fictitious, optional)
  • Sperry A-12 Propilot (basic autopilot, X-1C)
  • Gunsight (X-1C)

*: The full 3D virtual cockpit makes this addon an ideal candidate for new virtual reality applications such as FlyInside®.

Note: Xtreme Prototypes next generation addons no longer include 2D panels found in legacy products. They are replaced by full 3D virtual cockpits. No flat 2D gauges are used in this addon.

Visual Effect

Custom X-1-specific animated visual effects, some with sound, including:

  • Rocket engine ignition, combustion flames and shockwave effects
  • Rocket engine smoke and contrail effects
  • Igniter test effects
  • Propellant jettison effects (fuel, LOX and H2O2)
  • Engine turbopump exhaust effect
  • N2/LOX bleed effect
  • Condensation and vapor effect around the cold LOX tank when filled
  • VC lights
  • Wing vortices and vapor trails
  • Machine gun effect (X-1C)
  • B-29 contrail effect (on specially-equipped X-1A and X-1D models only)

Sound Effects

  • X-1 custom sound set


  • Automatic rocket engine ignition sequence button (optional)
  • Camera definitions (external and internal)
  • Fictitious saved flights inspired from real X-1 SG test flights*
  • X-1 SG aircraft kneeboard reference tab and check list
  • A comprehensive 80-page user manual inspired from the original "Bell X-1A, B & D Pilot's Handbook of Flight Operating Instructions", in a printable PDF format (English and French language versions)

*: This is a simulation and many things that are not permitted in the real world can be done in a simulator. So we thought that our users would like to take off from the ground in their X-1 SG addon even though this was not supposed to happen in the real world, with the real aircraft. This gives the beginner desktop pilot plenty of time to learn and perform the required preflight procedures while the aircraft is sitting comfortably on the ground instead of falling like a brick in mid-air. For purists, it is possible to simulate a high altitude launch by using the slew mode commands to reposition the X-1 SG airplane without flying in real time. A second option is to change the altitude and speed settings in the map. You can also load one of the high altitude saved flights that come with the addon. Taking off from the ground is rather fun however, and it's something the real X-1 pilots were not permitted to do!

Chris Frishmuth, PC Pilot Magazine:
"The engineering and programming, that is evident in this [X-1 SG] package, is a reflection of the dedication and commitment to realism and historical accuracy the Xtreme Prototypes developers seek to realize in their product. An exciting and well-rounded addon that is a challenge to fly."

Emmanuel Blanchard, Micro Simulateur Magazine:
"FSX can also give unique feelings and pose historical challenges. The authors intelligently played of the possibilities of the simulator to manage to offer functions which exceed the requirements of realism but increase the interest of the addon. With such an addon [X-1 SG], you will truly discover if you have the right stuff!"

Xavier Noche, Avsim.com:
"The panel is technically unique as all the gauge shapes are in the interior model, not in the panel. This aircraft [X-1 SG] has a true 3D panel, meaning 3D gauges, not flat 2D gauges projected on a 3D panel: every single switch, nut, screw or washer is modeled in 3D! Even the needles of the gauges are 3D! The result is just astounding."

Gene Davis, Computer Pilot Magazine:
"The X-1 Second Generation package offers the flight simulation enthusiast a trip back in history with a good quality simulation of the Bell X-1 aircraft complete with a relatively complex cockpit environment along with a highly detailed (almost museum piece) external model of the X-1 family."

Gene Davis, Computer Pilot Magazine:
"for a few fleeting minutes in FSX, I am reliving history and getting a small taste of what Chuck Yeager [in the X-1] got to experience in those early days of jet flight."

Xavier Noche, Avsim.com:
"Xtreme Prototypes X-1 is a beautiful aircraft with unique performance and an amazing full 3D panel; a challenge to control in most phases of flight (but what else would you expect from an extreme prototype?). It pushes the limits of both your skills and FS capabilities."

M. Dobernig, X-1 SG fan:
"Seldom I am still inspired. With the X-1 I am. Fantastic!! An excellent add-on."

S. Blair, X-1 SG fan:
"To the [professionals] at Xtreme Prototypes... I've been watching your page every day for the X-1 release. Magnificent job on that aircraft. Thanks for the hard work. I can't wait to see what your next project will be."

Samuel Smith, X-1 SG fan:
"Hello. I have just purchased your Bell X-1 2nd Generation and find it to be outstanding. I did not expect it to be that excellent and detailed."

Listed below are the latest available patches for your Xtreme Prototypes X-1 Second Generation v1.0 addon - for registered users only. To download these files, please login to your Xtreme Prototypes online account.

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